Anti Ragging Stand

The college provides ragging free environment rather offers environment congenial for teaching-learning situation. Ragging is legally banned in the college campus as per the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

What is Ragging?
Any act resulting in:

  • Mental/Physical Sexual Abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Indecent behaviour
  • Criminal Intimidation/Wrongful restraint
  • Undermining human dignity
  • Financial exploitation/Extortion
  • Use of force
  • Each of the above is a criminal offence


A student indulging in ragging can be:

  • Expelled from the institution
  • Banned from the mess/hostel
  • Denied scholarship
  • Debarred from Examination
  • Denied admission to pay institution
  • Prosecuted for criminal action
  • Prosecuted by Police on the basis FIR filed by institution.

Considering ragging as an antisocial, inhuman and criminal act, the college management has constituted a committee to strictly deal with the ragging cases, if any. As a preventive step the college has made it mandatory for a student to submit an affidavit at the time of joining the college.